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Keep the good times rollin’ at home with Skee-Ball® Home Arcade Deluxe!

Bring home an authentic Skee-Ball® arcade game, made in America, with official Skee-Ball® sounds, home-friendly balls, and the classic ball hop which delivers that real arcade feel. Turn any room in your home into an arcade and be ready to go head-to-head with 2-player challenge mode or perfect your game in single-player mode. The Skee-Ball® Home Arcade Deluxe is an affordable classic arcade game with an authentic look and feel that the whole family - at any age - will LOVE!


THE highlights

  • (4) quality, 2.5" round rubber balls with Skee-Ball® logo
  • Authentic Skee-Ball® carnival arcade sounds
  • Rich burgundy red color and durable construction
  • Digital scoring LED marquee
  • Classic lit playfield with “hundo” targets

  • Single Player or 2-Player challenge mode
  • Ball collection and auto-return on the front
  • Runs on batteries or wall outlet
  • Made in the USA

Need more specifics? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions

THE nitty gritty details

Assembled Dimensions: 24"W x 103"L x 65"H
Weight: 190 lbs.

The Skee-Ball® Deluxe comes fully assembled in two parts on one pallet, so all you need to do is connect the two parts. It's easy, but find a friend, because technically the sections should be lifted by two people. And, life is more fulfilling with a friend. 

What does that LOOK like? Check out the next tab.

THE actual fit in your house

 Dimensions are 8'6" in length by 2' wide by 5'4" tall.

THE Guarantee

Skee-Ball® warrants all components in this product free of defects in materials and workmanship for the duration of 6 months from the date of purchase. If during this sixmonth period, a normal wear and tear item is found to be defective or breaks, we will offer replacement parts at no cost. Service or labor to install any replacement parts is not included in this manufacturer’s warranty, though we will do our best to provide guidance and instruction over the phone to either the owner of the product or any individual selected by the owner of the product to complete the repair or replacement. 

This warranty only applies to the original product purchaser.

Skee-Ball® shall not be obligated to furnish a warranty request under the following conditions: The product has been modified or repaired or if has been damaged as a result of accident, abuse, misuse, loss of parts, neglect, weather, acts of God, any action or omission which constitutes a deviation from operating instructions, or any other causes not arising out of defects in workmanship or materials.

Skee-Ball® will assume no liability whatsoever for costs associated with labor or travel time to replace defective parts. All defective warranty covered components will be replaced with new or factory refurbished components equal to OEM specifications. Skee-Ball® will cover domestic UPS ground, or comparable shipping costs during the warranty period. International or expedited shipments are available for an additional charge.

For product or service-related inquiries, please consult the dealer or distributor from which you made the original product purchase.  Skee-Ball® dealers are independent, privately owned and operated. In their judgment, they may sell parts and/or accessories other than those manufactured by Skee-Ball®We cannot be responsible for the quality, suitability, or safety of any non- Skee-Ball® part or modification (including labor) that is performed by such a distributor.

All warranty claims must be sent to Skee-Ball® Service Center and received on or 

before the last day of the Limited Warranty Period.

This Warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also have other rights that vary from one state providence, or country to another.

Register your new game, on the manufacturer’s website, to unlock an additional 6 months on your 6-month warranty. Registration of your new product must be completed within 14-days from the date of your purchase, to unlock and validate the extended 6-month warranty. 

Register your Skee-Ball® at

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including wood dust, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to:


"Great customer service from the Skee-Ball team. Amazing Quality of our new Skee-Ball Deluxe. Perfect in our basement."

Mike M.

McHenry, Illinois

March 2021

"Almost no assembly, two fully assembled pieces right out of the box. Plays well, softer balls for kid friendly. Quality, branded Skee-Ball."

Bill T.

Petaluma, CA

February 2021

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
brian feeney
Underwhelming for the cost

The look of our skeeball machine is very appealing. The quality not so much for the cost, the fit when putting together was not precise, it doesn’t always accurately keep score and the actual balls bounce all over. Wouldn’t recommend to anyone looking for a skeeball machine.

Daniel Gahan
Who knew you could have a Skee-Ball machine in your home?

My family LOVES their new Skee-Ball machine. It is the centerpiece of our game room. It's an absolutely beautiful machine. You can really feel the pride and craftsmanship that goes into building these. The delivery was flawless. It came on a pallet and was totally protected. Even though it's probably not advised, I put it together myself because I wanted to surprise the family with the unveiling. Compared to the foosball table I put together (100+ parts), the assembly here was pretty simple (about a dozen parts). We love the gameplay and the sounds and scoring. My only knock is on the rubber balls. I know they are meant to be gentler on the home, but they just don't feel quite right. I'm hoping that I can swap them out with standard (wooden) balls. Will be contacting Skee-Ball to see if standard balls will work on this machine.

Patty McAnelly
Skee Ball

We are loving it! And so are the grandkids!

Reinhard S.

Love it!

Arish R.

Fun game.


Arcade Style Rules
Each player rolls 9 balls up the ramp into the targets. Watch the LED display to keep track of your ball count. Highest score wins! High-fives, fist bumps, and bragging rights are encouraged!

Alternative Game Options
Hundo Rally: Players aim only for “hundo” targets
No Look-Skee: Players roll 9 balls blindfolded
Around the World: Players aim for 10-20-30-40-50-100-100-10- and 20 target
Black Out: Players must hit each target once

Make up your own game and share it with us. @officialcialskeeball #skeeball


Where does my Skee-Ball® Deluxe come from?

Skee-Ball® Deluxe arcade cabinets are made and shipped from good ol' Pulaski, Wisconsin (USA), just outside of Green Bay - home of the Pulaski Polka Days, Skee-Ball®, and of course, the Green Bay Packers. Your Deluxe is handmade, in house, with the same quality and attention to detail as any original Skee-Ball® alley roller you'd find in the arcade.

How does the Skee-Ball® Deluxe arrive at my house?

Partially assembled on a single pallet. Installation is quick and easy, and it runs on batteries or a wall outlet. We're all about spending the least time working and the most time playing - for you, that is. It's easy, but find a friend, because technically the sections should be lifted by two people. And, life is more fulfilling with a friend. 

Is there a two player option?

Yes, there is a 2-player challenge mode! Here are the basic arcade style rules:

1. Each player rolls 9 balls up the ramp into the targets.

2. Watch the LED display to keep track of your ball count. 

3. Highest score wins!

High-fives, fist bumps, and bragging rights are encouraged! Game on.

What if I live by my own rules?

Own it. We've got some alternative game options, if you want to get wild and go rogue:

1. Hundo Rally: Players aim only for "hundo" targets.

2. No Look-Skee: Players roll 9 balls blindfolded

3. Around the World: Players aim for 10 - 20 - 30 - 40 - 50 - 100 - 10 - and 20 target.

4. Black Out: Players must hit each target once.

5. Make up your own game and share it with us on the interwebs: @officialskeeball #skeeball

Talk to me about the "home friendly balls," and why are there only four?

Deluxe uses a high density rubber ball. The game play is the same, but the feel is different as it is a lighter weight ball. Or as we say a "dry wall" friendly ball!

Balls collect and auto-return in the front, rather than down the side, which means there's only room and only need for 4 - because they'll keep coming back. The digital display keeps track of ball count and score, so the game play is the same as the arcade, with more accessibility. 

I love Skee-Ball® - is this the real deal?

This is it. In 1908, Joseph Fourestier Simpson of Vineland, N.J. applied for a patent around a new game idea that had a “skee-jump” mechanism on an alley to launch a ball into targets that had a built in automatic scoring mechanism - the foundation of the Skee-Ball® we have all come to know and love. 

Fast forward more than a century, Skee-Ball® has become more than an icon and a brand, it's become a household name, one that sparks joy related to all the happy memories it evokes. We love what we do, and we love to play more - so if you're thinking about adding a Skee-Ball® to your home arcade, basement, man cave, rec room, or anywhere people gather together at home, consider a Skee-Ball® Deluxe, Skee-Ball® Premium, Skee-Ball® 1908

Skee- Ball® Classic, or Skee-Ball® Glow

Anything else is just an imitation of The Original Alley!

I want the arcade experience - the sounds, the play, everything - will this give it to me?

Yes! Save for the physical footprint, this includes the original Skee-Ball® arcade sounds, the same game play, and the same hours of fun and years of memories made. 

Can I see it in action before I buy?

If you're in the neighborhood (or driving distance) from Wisconsin - come visit us! We'd love to show you around and play a friendly game of Skee-Ball® Deluxe. If not, unfortunately at this time, our Deluxe models are only sold online. Our Skee-Ball® Premium models, should you like to see a similar game, are available through our robust dealer network, across the contiguous United States. Find a location near you in our Skee-Ball Dealer Network.

If I find myself on, or seeing Skee-Ball® Deluxe tied to LifeStyle77 - what gives?

Great question, but not to worry! LifeStyle77 is the sister company of Bay Tek Entertainment, the manufacturer and owner of the Skee-Ball® brand. LifeStyle77 was founded in 2020, inspired by Bay Tek (which was founded itself in 1977), as a way to bring you premium lifestyle products and in-home games - like Skee-Ball® Deluxe. Similar to Bay Tek, the LifeStyle77 goal is simple - to create experiences that bring people together. 

Not only is LifeStyle77 a safe, reputable place to bring your very own Skee-Ball® game home, it is the primary eCommerce channel for our Skee-Ball® at Home models, games like Pac-Man, Hole-E-Moley, and more. Take a look:

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