Zoom Skee-Ball® Home Arcade Premium
Zoom Skee-Ball® Home Arcade Premium
Zoom Skee-Ball® Home Arcade Premium
Zoom Skee-Ball® Home Arcade Premium
Zoom Skee-Ball® Home Arcade Premium
Zoom Skee-Ball® Home Arcade Premium
Zoom Skee-Ball® Home Arcade Premium
Zoom Skee-Ball® Home Arcade Premium
Zoom Skee-Ball® Home Arcade Premium
Zoom Skee-Ball® Home Arcade Premium
Zoom Skee-Ball® Home Arcade Premium
Zoom Skee-Ball® Home Arcade Premium
Zoom Skee-Ball® Home Arcade Premium
Zoom Skee-Ball® Home Arcade Premium

Skee-Ball® Home Arcade Premium

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Bring the arcade home and Keep The Good Times Rollin’!

Designed for the arcade enthusiast, game fanatic, and kid in all of us, our Premium Skee-Ball® alley will bring the authentic arcade sounds and classic features you know and love right to your home. Perfect your game or see who can hold the high score, in bringing some serious fun and joy into your home.

Take your game room to the next level with this high-quality, fine detailed official Skee-Ball® game, handcrafted in the heart of the Midwest where quality, fine details, and authenticity combine to create a masterpiece you’ll be proud to show off.

• (5) heavy 2.75" round, woodgrain balls

• Authentic 6mm-thick cork ramp for lasting durability

• Classic playfield with durable, rubber “hundo” targets

• Lit playfield target area

• Authentic Skee-Ball® carnival arcade sounds

• Color changing LED under-glow that coordinates to each player

• Digital LED pixel marquee display with colorful visuals

• 6 fun game modes that allow 1 - 6 players

• Ball collection and auto-return on the front

• Easy access volume and game control buttons on front

• Available in 3 cork options: coal, scarlet and indigo

• Runs on 110v wall outlet

• Designed for indoor use

• Some assembly required

• Made in the USA 

Assembled Dimensions: 24"W x 108"L x 66"H

Weight: 245 lbs.

Skee-Ball® Home Arcade Premium




Dimensions are 9' in length by 2' wide by 5'5" tall.


Classic: Each player rolls 9 balls up the ramp into the targets, high score wins.

Three-Ball: A twist on Classic, each player rolls 3 frames of 3 balls each, high score wins. 

Speed: Players roll balls as fast as they can for 30 seconds, high score wins. 

Countdown: Players roll 3 balls at a time to countdown from 310 to exactly zero. First player to zero wins. Note: if you bust, your turn is over for that round. 

Light ‘em up: Players roll 3 balls at a time, aiming to hit each target once. The goal is to hit each target with the least amount of balls. Note: you only need to hit one of the ‘hundo’ targets.

Blackjack: Each player is dealt a random card. Roll one ball at a time to reach exactly twenty-one. Don’t bust or your game is over. Game ends after completing the round in which any player scores a twenty-one. 

10 Target = Ace, 11 points first time, 1 point each time after

20 Target = 2 points

30 Target = 3 points

40 Target = 4 points

50 Target = 5 points

Hundo Targets = 10 points

Please Note: The Skee-Ball Premium alley’s under glow lighting flashes during certain gameplay. Flashing lights may be sensitive to some players.


Skee-Ball® warrants all components in this product free of defects in materials and workmanship for the duration of 6 months from the date of purchase. If during this six-month period, a normal wear and tear item is found to be defective or breaks, we will offer replacement parts at no cost. Service or labor to install any replacement parts is not included in this manufacturer’s warranty, though we will do our best to provide guidance and instruction over the phone to either the owner of the product or any individual selected by the owner of the product to complete the repair or replacement. 

This warranty only applies to the original product purchaser.

Skee-Ball® shall not be obligated to furnish a warranty request under the following conditions: The product has been modified or repaired or if has been damaged as a result of accident, abuse, misuse, loss of parts, neglect, weather, acts of God, any action or omission which constitutes a deviation from operating instructions, or any other causes not arising out of defects in workmanship or materials.

Skee-Ball® will assume no liability whatsoever for costs associated with labor or travel time to replace defective parts. All defective warranty covered components will be replaced with new or factory refurbished components equal to OEM specifications. Skee-Ball® will cover domestic UPS ground, or comparable shipping costs during the warranty period. International or expedited shipments are available for an additional charge.

For product or service-related inquiries, please consult the dealer or distributor from which you made the original product purchase.  Skee-Ball® dealers are independent, privately owned and operated. In their judgment, they may sell parts and/or accessories other than those manufactured by Skee-Ball®. We cannot be responsible for the quality, suitability, or safety of any non- Skee-Ball® part or modification (including labor) that is performed by such a distributor.

All warranty claims must be sent to Skee-Ball® Service Center and received on or before the last day of the Limited Warranty Period.

This Warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also have other rights that vary from one state providence, or country to another.

Register your new game, on the manufacturer’s website, to unlock an additional 6 months on your 6-month warranty. Registration of your new product must be completed within 14-days from the date of your purchase, to unlock and validate the extended 6-month warranty. 

Register your Skee-Ball® at skeeball.com/register

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including wood dust, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to: p65warnings.ca.gov


Does my Skee-Ball® Premium require assembly?

Yes, but it is very minimal! Your Skee-Ball® Premium will arrive at your house in two boxes, on one pallet. All you have to do is connect the two pieces, and you’re ready to Keep the Good Times Rollin’™!

Before you assemble or move your Skee-Ball® Premium, find a friend. The sections should be lifted by two people. Plus, life is more fulfilling with a friend.

How big are the boxes my Skee-Ball® will arrive in? How big is each piece once unboxed?

Your Skee-Ball® will arrive in two boxes on one pallet. One box includes the head and the playfield of the game, and the other contains the ramp.

For Skee-Ball® Premium, the head box is 67”L x 26”W x 33”H and weighs approximately 158 lbs. The ramp box is 81”L x 27”W x 20”H and weighs approximately 123 lbs. Together with the pallet, they measure 84”L x 32”W x 65”H and weighs approximately 405 lbs with additional packaging materials.

Once out of the box and fully assembled, the Skee-Ball® Premium will measure 24” W x 108” L x 66” H and weigh approximately 245 lbs.



With official Skee-Ball® sounds and the same commercial-quality construction, the Skee-Ball Premium brings home an American classic - normally found in the arcade, now specially scaled for home use and years of memories to come.

Perfect For Home Game Rooms

A modern, sleek cabinet with Merapi wood grain finish, and a 6mm thick cork ramp ensure an authentic Skee-Ball feel as you roll 4 classic wood grain balls up the lane. A color pixel display and ambient underside LED lights promise exciting visuals, programmed to correspond to players.

Fun for the Entire Family

Skee-Ball Premium features six (6) different game modes for 1-6 players: Classic, Three-Ball, Speed, Countdown, Light 'em up, and Blackjack! Learn how to play the Skee-Ball Premium game modes. Kids, adults, and grandparents alike will love both the single player and 2-player challenge mode. 

Set Up and Play in Less Than 30

Delivered 90% assembled in two boxes on one pallet, the Skee-Ball® Premium home alley roller is simple to assemble, and it guarantees endless hours of arcade-style fun! Bring an arcade classic home, have it set up, and ready to play in less than 30 minutes. Game on.

Handcrafted and Built in the USA

Made with the same quality and attention to detail as the original 1908 arcade models (built using the same process)! Manufactured in the heart of America.

Just set up the game, the packaging was super easy, instructions are hilarious and we can't stop playing!

Michael L. January 2021

Skee-Ball branded love it in my basement! Multi player which is great for family/freinds. Has a nice look to the game. 5/5

Bill November 2021


Where does my Skee-Ball® Premium come from?

Skee-Ball® Premium arcade cabinets are made and shipped from good ol' Pulaski, Wisconsin (USA), just outside of Green Bay - home of the Pulaski Polka Days, Skee-Ball®, and of course, the Green Bay Packers. Your Premium is handmade, in house, with the same quality and attention to detail as any original Skee-Ball® alley roller you'd find in the arcade.

I love Skee-Ball® - is this the real deal?

This is it. In 1908, Joseph Fourestier Simpson of Vineland, N.J. applied for a patent around a new game idea that had a “skee-jump” mechanism on an alley to launch a ball into targets that had a built in automatic scoring mechanism - the foundation of the Skee-Ball® we have all come to know and love. 

Fast forward more than a century, Skee-Ball® has become more than an icon and a brand, it's become a household name, one that sparks joy related to all the happy memories it evokes. We love what we do, and we love to play more - so if you're thinking about adding a Skee-Ball® to your home arcade, basement, man cave, rec room, or anywhere people gather together at home, consider a Skee-Ball® DeluxeSkee-Ball® PremiumSkee-Ball® 1908Skee- Ball® Classic, or Skee-Ball® Glow

Anything else is just an imitation of The Original Alley!

Is there a multi-player option?

Skee-Ball® Premium can be played by up to 6 players at a time.

Take your turn rolling (9) 2.75" woodgrain balls at the targets in classic Skee-Ball® style or try to be as fast as you can for the highest score in 30 seconds if you're feeling the need for speed.

What are the game modes?

Classic: Each player rolls 9 balls up the ramp into the targets

Three-Ball: A twist on Classic, each player rolls 3 frames of 3 balls each

Speed: Players roll balls as fast as they can for 30 seconds

Countdown: Players roll 3 balls at a time to countdown from 310 to exactly zero

Light ‘em up: Players roll 3 balls at a time, aiming to hit each target once

Blackjack: Each player is dealt a random card. Roll one ball at a time to reach exactly twenty-one

I want the arcade experience - the sounds, the play, everything - will this give it to me?

Yes! Save for the physical footprint, this includes the original Skee-Ball® arcade sounds, the same game play, and the same hours of fun and years of memories made. 

How do I start playing?

Power on your Skee-Ball® Premium by starting your game from the button panel, where you can change the volume, choose between 1-6 players and select your game mode. Game on!

Can I see it in action before I buy?

If you're in the neighborhood (or driving distance) from Wisconsin - come visit us! We'd love to show you around and play a friendly game of Skee-Ball® Premium. Otherwise our Premium models are available through our robust dealer network, across the contiguous United States. Find a location near you in our Skee-Ball Dealer Network.

Are you ready to play?

No, that was our question to you. Are you ready to Keep the Good Times Rollin'™?

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Ralph Bryant (Clarksville, TN)
Great experience with Skee Ball Premium

Order process and delivery with Holland were excellent. Bay Tek built and shipped our unit in 3 weeks as I asked, instead of the stated 8 weeks. Thank you. Worked great with solid feel, good sound and display. Had family competition on the 4th, and 6 player scoreboard was really neat. In assembly, the return track was loose from head end and I re-drilled screw hole. Some screws missing from top of head. Otherwise great quality.

Susan Snyder (West Chester, OH)
Amazing Experience!

Great customer service! Quick responses every single time! Was in a time crunch and they worked with me, and I received my Skee-Ball in plenty of time for my party. Would highly recommend to anyone!!

Melo Jean Vaeth (Cockeysville, MD)
Perpetual delight!

Absolutely love our Skee-Ball! The entire family enjoys it—provides fun or all ages. Whether we’re engaged in a friendly family competition or simply playing solo we are sure to be delighted. The sounds and lights ignite the childlike excitement in all of us and it definitely serves as the go to for stress relief! Thank you for this product!

Ken Doo (Coeur d'Alene, ID)
Re-Living my Childhood

Love my Skee-Ball Premium!! Great fun for family and friends. Perfect addition to my game room!

Derek Travis (Springdale, AR)
Fun Game but Mixed Feelings

For the positives, our family really enjoys playing and it's been a fun addition to our game room. The different game modes are a cool way to mix things up a bit. If this review were based solely on fun, then it would get 5 stars. Setup was also super easy and it looks great sitting in the room.

There are some disappointments to call out. The electronics are archaic. The machine has to "load" when you turn it on and it's really slow to boot up. It also has no memory. So when you turn it off, the one high score it keeps track of (classic mode) is gone. Faster boot up and storage of multiple high scores would be nice. We've already had one scoring sensor break. I had to take the back of the machine apart and glue it back on. No issues since then. Lots of blank rolls where the ball will go through a hole but the score won't record. The balls themselves are surprisingly light, so it's pretty common for a ball to bounce along the top of the rings and, instead of falling through a hole, shoot right back down the alley at you. A little annoying.

All in all, it's fine and I'd probably purchase anyways knowing what I know now. But I was expecting a bit more for the price.


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